CNDPROS has a deposit system for clients wishing to guarantee their appointment time request. You do not always have to pay a deposit to book, you DO NOT pay online - if you schedule that way.  Clients that DO choose to pay a deposit will have their appointment times guaranteed.  Others will have the oppertuntiy to prebook (manually or online) with the understanding their time may get bumped if they do not have a deposit on file. If you are a past client of CalgaryTNA / EdmontonGFE we may be able to prioritize your bookings without deposit. Text us at (250) 619-3333 to check on your status.  

Are you a PRO looking for support and new unique ways to promote yourself? We would love to connect. Visit our sister agency at

CND PROS : (250) 619-3333
SVIPS – YYJ : (250) 507-2302