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First, I want to say thank you to CND PROS brings Siren to Edmonton!!!!

Booking is easy, just go to their website and pick the time and package and then the handler will contact you and exchange some information. The website provides all the information you need.

And boys, you will be surprised once you see the in-call location, I am petty sure 50% of us have been there before 

Siren, she is a very beautiful lady, she looks so much better than the pictures, young with a perfect body shape. Her service is excellent, no rushing, very responsive and she is a good kisser, a lot of DFK

I almost tried everything on the menu
Usually, I don’t write so much detail, but this time I think I should share just a little bit…….

Cow girl – non-stop kissing and riding
Missionary position was an epic view – legs wide open with a “V” shape, bouncing boobs, and a beautiful face.
Doggy – she has an amazing ass

And there are a few more…….I will just keep it to myself

She is only here for a few days, go book her now!!!


I normally don’t write reviews but i have to on this one. I’ve never had this type of experience, like i did with Siren today in the 13 years I’ve been doing this.

I could tell by her pictures there was something unique and special about her boobs.
If you’re a boob guy you’re going to love her. It was super easy to book online. I did it on Thursday for today. I really didn’t know how today was gonna go because last night I went out for Saint Patrick’s day and ended up picking up a lady at the bar and some late night fun. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to perform after last night.. lol I almost even thought about canceling but I said fuck it I’m going anyways.

When I opened up the door I saw my newest regular with perky tits, A beautiful face, and an amazing ass. These are probably some of the best tits I’ve ever seen, felt and watched bounce with SP. She has an absolutely amazingly stunning thrust to bounce ratio whether you’re doing missionary or cow girl or doggy. She gave one of the best BBBJ’S I’ve ever had of my life. She’s very affectionate, cuddly and a amazing kisser and communicator (seriously) She is an absolute gem and down to earth. I only booked for an hour but it felt like I was in there for 4 hours. Overall one of the best experiences with the service provider I’ve ever had. I will eat, go see siren and repeat!

I know there’s lots of girls in town now guys and But TRUST ME this is an absolutely MUST SEE


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Siren is incredibly beautiful. As she led the way to the bedroom she kept looking at me like she was going to rip my clothes off my body, she wanted it that bad. After exiting the shower I felt like I had to carve my way through the sexual tension in the room to get to her. She stood in front of me with a smile that could stop your heart and an outfit that would get it beating again. She asked me if Im a kisser. Fuck yes! So I went for it, and damn, I could have just made out with her the entire time.

Both Siren and her outfit were tiny and tight, and she was very receptive to me exploring her body and checking out her artwork.
The next 45 mins was a blur of watching her body bounce and twist and shiver, Siren is a master of sex appeal. Most providers just want that nut, but Siren wants to fuck, and it is so, so apparent what the difference is when you are with her.

Usually after the main event Im just like thanks was fun and do my thing, but Siren was laying there looking at me, and fuuuuuuuck. She is the kind of woman that you want her body against yours, forever. Youll realize theres nothing else you need in life.

So I start to explore her again with my hands and my eyes, putting my body on hers, shes pushing up against me, fuck yessss.

When the session was over I was devastated. How am I going to gather the will power to leave this goddess? The only way I could force myself out the door was to convince myself that I would be back to twist her up again. Today. Right now.

Those who have had the pleasure of seeing Siren know exactly what Im talking about. Those of you who havent have no idea the mediocrity you are tolerating with these other girls. If you ever talk about treating yourself, Siren is the girl.

Thanks CNDPROS, and thanks Siren, damn.


Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to see Siren from CND Pros. She is one energetic and highly fit brunette 

 Siren is a fluent talker and easily puts you at ease. Siren has an extensive menu list which can be found on the CND Pros website. I decided on a 1 hour PSE session – with absolutely no regrets 

 This girl has a tight stripper body and was very skilled in every position we did. It was one of the more intense pleasurable sessions I have had. I recommend seeing Siren while she is touring here as I am not sure the next time she will back in town. A/S/L -10


Siren is one of the hottest girl you will meet ! And Man can she deliver for the full hour