Thank you, Edmonton! Our first tour as CNDPROS was amazing (we have been many times before as EGFE and CTNA) but we greatly appreciate the support as we brand under one name for all the locations we support PROS Touring & Available. Below are some of our PROS most recent escort reviews in Edmonton Alberta. We appreciate your support – keep em cumming


Siren is incredibly beautiful. As she led the way to the bedroom she kept looking at me like she was going to rip my clothes off my body, she wanted it that bad. After exiting the shower I felt like I had to carve my way through the sexual tension in the room to get to her. She stood in front of me with a smile that could stop your heart and an outfit that would get it beating again. She asked me if Im a kisser. Fuck yes! So I went for it, and damn, I could have just made out with her the entire time.

Those who have had the pleasure of seeing Siren know exactly what Im talking about. Those of you who havent have no idea the mediocrity you are tolerating with these other girls. If you ever talk about treating yourself, Siren is the girl.

Thanks CNDPROS, and thanks Siren, damn.



To top it off she is downright gorgeous, she is a great mixture of cute and sexy with a face and eyes you can easily get lost in.

I was shocked and happy when I reflected on our time since I realized that my favorite part was just having good conversations with her while we cuddled into each other. I found her Qubcois accent very cute and I even managed to teach her a word in English by accident. Highly recommend her if you’re looking for a quality provider.

L 13/10
A 10/10
S 12/10


She greeted me with a nice warm kiss and lead me up the stairs. The view following her upstairs was spectacular (her in a g-string wearing heels)

I went for a shower and met her in the room. I’m not one to kiss and tell, but what ensued was an hour of sexual fantasy. Many services were offered during this appointment. And she is a great kisser. Lindsey tried hard to get a second shot out of me, but the little guy usually needs a 90 minute or 2 hour appointment for that. Kudos for trying Lindsey. That picture of you trying will be etched in my mind for a while.

I would definitely repeat when she is in town again. Thanks to CDN PROS for bringing these beautiful ladies to Edmonton! Until next time.

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