We are appealing to the masses to help our dear friend Chase F#CK CANCER!

Earlier this year – this single mother who had found a new career during the covid era, found out that she has breast cancer. After an aggressive surgery, and the start of chemotherapy this week, we recently connected with Chase as she was looking for wigs. Through our community, we have found a couple of wigs, but we are realizing that we could do a lot more for our friend as she fights for her life.

NOV/22 : UPDATE – Unfortunately Chase has just started radiation therapy, and has had to have another surgery for another lump that was found.  Things have not been easy, she is tired, scared and pretty much on her own.  She is looking forward to her hair growing back now that chemotherapy is done, so as always she’s trying to stay positive and hopeful. If it is within your means, please send what you can – if it is not – PLEASE SHARE ♡


(x  ) (  x) ~ ms.Harvi Wallbanger