CNDPROS offers PROS and patrons verification and reference checks for select providers and cherry picked patrons. We provide deposit prepaid leads and independently verified, client referrals for turnkey and independent escorts in Canada.

With over 20 years of industry knowledge, contacts, and relationships in cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton since 2008. Head madam ms.Harvi Wallbanger has been a long-time support resource for PROS and patrons wishing to have memorable safe experiences. We have combined all our brand names (Vic2Van, SweetVIPS, CalgaryTNA, and EdmontonGFE) under a new inclusive name to serve Canadian PROS and their patrons across Canada.

All booking requests whether made manually or online will require first, some form of client reference check. As a trusted referral service since 2008, our team has spent the past two decades safeguarding PROS and their patrons’ private information.


  • Provide a reference from a well-known service provider or agency. First, contact them, let them know you are wishing to use them as a reference – and then let us know their information to follow up (knowing they are expecting our contact).

Once you are a verified client with CNDPROS or SVIPS we will happily provide a reference check to other PROS you may wish to connect with (just call us first – so we know to expect their call, and that you wish us to vouch for you).

  • Send CNDPROS a copy of your ID – if you wish you can cover your address / but we do need to see your name, and face picture clearly. These can either be sent via text (250-619-3333) or Email We hold your ID in the strictest confidence, it is never shared with PROS, with the exception of the need to file charges for an assault (thankfully – this has never occurred)
  • Pre-paid deposit through E-transfer. If you wish to bang 2 birds with one stone – you can get verified by sending a $100 deposit. The advantage of that is – your appointment request will also be automatically guaranteed and prioritized.

PROS TIP : We recommend all clients use a handle or fake name when booking – believe it or not ms.Wallbanger is an alter ego as are the names of the providers you wish to connect with. Fake names is one of the fun bonus to playing with us. Secondly, we recommend all clients to have a “burner email” or “burner phone” – if you want to be really fancy – you should have both ;). You do NOT need to do these things – but they are highly recommended. For more information read the PROS.NEWS article PROS & CONS of TEK


The PROS that are featured on CND PROS are all verified top-level, well-reviewed independent escorts and professional companions. We know that it is scary out there for patrons who are considering seeing a sex worker for the first time. Our experienced team of PROS and administrative support are here to help you have the best possible experience. But you don’t have to take our word for it 😉 Here is what our patrons have to say about CNDPROS

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to see Siren from CNDPros. She is one energetic and highly fit brunette. Siren is a fluent talker and easily puts you at ease.

Siren has an extensive menu list which can be found on the CNDPros website. I decided on a 1 hour PSE session – with absolutely no regrets!

This girl has a tight stripper body and was very skilled in every position we did. It was one of the more intense pleasurable sessions I have had. I recommend seeing Siren while she is touring here as I am not sure the next time she will back in town. A/S/L -10 


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