Thank you, Victoria BC! We greatly appreciate the support as we brand under one name for all the locations we support all Canadian PROS Touring & Available. Below are some of our PROS’ most recent escort reviews in Victoria. We appreciate your support – keep them cumming…


I saw her a couple of weeks ago. Super sweet girl, absolutely amazing body. Eager to please. I couldn’t hold back and finished early. We talked and cuddled for a bit then she asked if I wanted to go again. Normally I’m one and done but she got me up and ready for a second round.



She cuddled up next to me, kissed me some, and then asked if I wanted a massage since we still had some time on the clock. How nice!!! Oui, bien sûr, mademoiselle! And she did give me a very good massage, near professional level, and way better than you’d get at a typical MP.

Nick Green



CNDPROS offers PROS and patrons verification and reference checks for select providers and cherry picked patrons. With over 20 years of industry knowledge, contacts, and relationships in cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton since 2008. Head madam ms.Harvi Wallbanger has been a long-time support resource for PROS and patrons wishing to have memorable safe experiences. We have combined all our brand names (Vic2Van, SweetVIPS, CalgaryTNA, and EdmontonGFE) under a new inclusive name to serve Canadian PROS and their patrons across Canada.